Modern Lovers Vs. The Old Time Lovers

Loving someone and then receiving the same feeling from the one you love the most is the best feeling in the world. The only thing that is unchanging maybe the love itself, because people can be changed, the time can be changed, and the generations can be changed, but the love remains.  But there’s just one thing. What is that? The love between two lovers at the old days and the love between a modern couples is still the same? The love is the same, but the way they chose to love is different, how is that? Do you have any clue? Are you a lover too? Then you’ll definitely know what in talking about! Let’s find out the difference between the lovers in these two time periods.

Old days

In old days, the communication was not developed, people me at the parks, restaurants and waited for letters, especially the love letters from each other, and they met at their own secret spots, like a real date, and people recognized each other from meeting them personally and admired each other’s talent and beauty and them to their faces how they actually felt about each other’s. The books were filled with circling the letters of your lovers name, and it was constantly could be seen that they had a picture of their lover in their wallets. With the modern world, actually with the invention of the mobile phone which consisted of a sim card has become the revolutionary step of the modern lovers.

Modern days

But the modern days has changed with this mobile phone. Instead of meeting people in real they meet new people on social media, and love letters have turned in to quick texts, meeting in the restaurants has turned to “meet me on tonight’s party”, dates have become double dates and couldn’t say how they actually feels about the other person to their face but through a text message. Paid letters have turned in to affordable sim card in Korea, anyone could see if you are single or in a relationship from your status in social media. The old times has over taken by the new technology of the modern times.

Judging or not

This is actually not judging the pros and cons of the change of time with the technology, because we can’t say the old times are better than the modern times. Or you can’t blame the new technology and stay like in old times. Because we are living in today’s world, we have to accept that, no matter what, it is affecting us, right?